Welcome to my blog and website. It’s where I share a few stories of my past bike tours from around the country. And kayak trips on nearby lakes, rivers and creeks as well as some beautiful streams in Florida. And you may stumble across posts on hiking, camping and overnight adventures in the nearby Smoky Mountains. And there are photos and videos from visits to Dollywood, Gatlinburg and other nearby places. As you will quickly notice, I love the excitement of playing outside. My wife says I just can’t seem to grow up! And she’s probably right.

Sharing my days living at home in Lenoir City with living in my camper in Pigeon Forge makes available many lightly traveled, nicely paved, scenic, country roads and greenways for miles of wonderful cycling. And, since there are quite a few cyclists in the area, motorists seem to be more willing to safely share the road with us. Having three lakes and two rivers near my home and the beautiful Smoky Mountains (viewable from my porch) only 50 miles from home and 12 miles from my camper is also quite nice. And I can drive to lots of bike rides around the country in 12 hours or less or get my kayak in the water in 15 minutes. I love living in east Tennessee!

Just maybe you’ll find some things of interest here. Or, better yet, maybe you will be inspired to get out and create your own adventures.

Have  a fun day!