Happy 75th Birthday!

One of the Best

You’re nice and kind and lots of fun too; when someone needs help, they call on you.
Serving and helping, you’re not one to rest; you’re a friend, their friend, and one of the best.

You’ve a heart full of love and start each day; giving thanks for your kids as you start to pray.
Always wondering, “Are they getting enough rest?” You’re a mother, their mother, and you are the best.

You really get excited when thinking of them; your four little grandkids, you’re favorite kin.
With lots more energy they can be quite the test, you’re a Nano, their Nano, and you are the best.

You’re a most special person to all of us, one we tell secrets with confidence and trust.
But in loving me you’ve reached your crest; you’re a wife, my wife and you are the best.

Though time has moved on and your now seventy-five, from each of us you get a high five.
And when you reach glory it will be no jest; when God says to you, “You’re one of the best.”

Love always,

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