Early Morning in Gatlinburg

One of my favorite things to do in late November is to get up before dawn and wander around Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. Thousands of lights and other Christmas decorations cover the streets and small shops all around town. And with hardly anyone else on the streets and sidewalks the beauty of it all is just awesome. Thanks to the Donut Friar opening at 5am one can grab a delicious fresh donut and a hot cup of coffee to help battle the chill in the air. Sometimes, overcome with temptation, I hang around until 7am and have breakfast at the wonderful Pancake Pantry. My favorite is the Peach Delight, three thin rolled crepes filled with a delicious blend of ricotta and cream cheese and peaches. Then topped with peach compote, powdered sugar and whipped cream. Wow! When finished with my indulgence maybe I’ll take a short drive in the mountains before returning to the camper and greeting my wife “good morning”.

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